A meme token in the BSC ecosystem.

FLOKIBOX is community-driven and can not be controlled by anyone. FLOKIBOX is a decentralized meme coin that leverages blockchain technology to create a unique Meme coin that is designed to drive long-term adoption and growth. The platform is powered by the FLOKIBOX token, which is used to incentivize community engagement and promote a self sustaining ecosystem. With instant rewards for holders, 5% of each transaction will be shared among the holders.

Why is FLOKIBOX unique?

FLOKIBOX is a unique and innovative project that combines the power of memes, social media, and blockchain technology. With a strong team, innovative features, and a powerful brand, team believes that FLOKIBOX has the potential to become a leading player in the blockchain industry.

The evolution of DeFi and passive income opportunities has brought us to the doorstep of the coming explosion of FLOKIBOX while earning CashBox staking rewards.

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For every active user transaction a 5% $FLOKIBOX reward is granted to holders, decentralized wallets only, fostering a healthy distributed network and community usage. The more $FLOKIBOX is actively used, the more rewards are granted!


[iconbox photo=”846″ title=”RENOUNCED OWNERSHIP” text2=”497″]

We have decided to Renounce Ownership of SMC and team didnt hold tokens in the end


[iconbox photo=”841″ title=”Driven By Community” text2=”497″]

No one can control the token size even by developer. Community driven token and can not controlled by anyone. We are strong community.


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254,847,000,000,000,000 (50,9694%)


FLOKIBOX has  been passing AUDIT and KYC by COGNITOS.

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Audited by
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The next generation of blockchain security


[hsection title=”FLOKIBOX ROADMAP” sub=”ROADMAP”]
[iconbox style=”s2″ photo=”790″ title=”LAUNCH”]

  • Group Up Team (PASSED)
  • Collect Ideas (PASSED)
  • Creating and Deploy CA (PASSED)
  • Soft Launch (PASSED)
  • Build Group Members (PASSED)
  • Whitepaper Created (PASSED)
  • Increasing Group Members (PASSED)
  • Website v0.1 Development (PASSED)
  • Marketing Campaign (PASSED)


[iconbox style=”s2″ photo=”772″ title=”GROWTH”]

  • 500 Holders (PASSED)
  • 1000 Telegram Members (PASSED)
  • Audit (PASSED)
  • 1000 Holders
  • 2000 Telegram Members
  • STAKING Platform
  • Marketing Campaign
  • 2000 Holders
  • Community Event
  • Upgrading Whitepaper v0.2
  • Smart Contract AUDIT
  • Staking Contract Deployed


[iconbox style=”s2″ photo=”680″ title=”EXPANSIONS”]

  • FLOKIBOX Farm Pool
  • Farm Pool Partnership
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Audit
  • Initial CEX Listing
  • Real Bussiness Build



[iconbox style=”s2″ photo=”783″ link=”https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x8f76b75f54426565a2192f1DeE5bC9874ADceC19″][/iconbox]
[iconbox style=”s2″ photo=”786″ link=”https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x8f76b75f54426565a2192f1dee5bc9874adcec19″][/iconbox]
[iconbox style=”s2″ photo=”785″ link=”https://www.dextools.io/app/en/bnb/pair-explorer/0x12785b261cea78c0801911ec3aa637b491b04381″][/iconbox]
[iconbox style=”s2″ photo=”787″ link=”https://avedex.cc/token/0x8f76b75f54426565a2192f1dee5bc9874adcec19-bsc?from=Default”][/iconbox]
[iconbox style=”s2″ photo=”826″ link=”https://tokpie.com/view_exchange/FLOKIBOX-USDT/”][/iconbox]
[iconbox style=”s2″ photo=”842″ link=”https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/floki-box/”][/iconbox]
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Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.