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About CashBOX

FLOKIBOX Ecosystem

FLOKIBOX project will launching a new token named CASHBOX in the project development programme. This token isn’t buyable but its sellable.

What is CashBOX?

Why CashBOX?

CASHBOX is a reward token when holders stake their FLOKIBOX. Cashbox isn’t buyable token but sellable/ can be swapped into flokibox it self, bnb or busd and can used for any transactions under flokibox ecosystem.

As we mention above, flokibox is reward token under flokibox ecosystem and only available when holders stake their flokibox. Its launched to keep the flokibox price stable or going higher.


Tax Fee

1.     Total supply’s                    : 999,999,999

2.     Liquidity allocations            : 80% supply’s
3.     Project development          : 20% supply’s

10% fee’s will be charged to user when they swapping CashBOX into  another Token.
Fee of transactions will be used for :

1. Project Development

2. Marketing campaign

3. Buyback and burn flokibox

4. real business development